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Using CR 1

How to Bookmark

On CR 1 you can bookmark Documents, Videos and Questions. It will help you to go to that document or video quickly. While reading a document or watching a video or reviewing a question, you will see a link . Click on that link, click new folder. Create a folder and select it. For example: You can create a bookmark folder, Videos, and keep bookmarks of videos in it. For viewing the bookmarks, click on the bookmark tab. Select the folder and see the saved bookmarks. Happy Learning ! Team Academics CH EdgeMakers

Using CR 1

How to read a document on Full Screen

While reading a document, you will find this Icon  named switch to presentation mode. By this you can read the document well. On Mobiles, click on  and then select Presentation Mode. On mobiles, you can rotate the screen and that will improve the visibility further. That's it...  Happy Learning ! Team Academics CH EdgeMakers